Why I Love Watching Football

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 11:41:19 AM

Dear Linnea, You are allowed to ask this question! These guys hit each other really hard and when they do, bodies go flying all over the place. My enjoyment has become increasingly guilty as information about the long-term effects of hitting on football players has become more available. For instance, you often hear about teams issuing injury reports to the league office and media. They have to do this a few times a week during the season as sanctioned by league rules.

Why I Love To Watch Football (A Woman’s Take On The NFL)

Football Quotes

You stay in bed for as long as the world cup lasts, or 2. Just go with the football flow! After years of denial, I decided this edition of the world cup to go with option two.

My very first football game report! The commentators have created a living room atmosphere especially fort his world cup.

According to David Ezell, licensed professional counselor and clinical director and CEO of therapy provider Darien Wellness , adult humans have specialized neurons in their brains called mirror neurons that allow us to understand points of view outside of our own.

During the commercial break we switch to a Belgian channel, where Dutch football-expert Jan Mulder speaks his mind. And everyone talks about the unbearable heat at the stadium: this will be an extra test for all players although I imagine that the Mexicans must be more used to the heat.

Why Do People Like Football?

Excitement rises: the game is about to begin! FIFA officials check whether all the players are present and whether each player has a child to hold hands with while entering the field. After entering the field, the national anthems are played.

The microphone reveals that the Dutch players seem to play football much better than they sing. Kick Off! Then the game finally begins.

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My thoughts wander to the vital question of why football players are so obsessed with their hair. I also wonder if fluorescent yellow is the newest hype. Dutch goalkeeper does a good job! Two players bump into each other. The Mexican is removed from the field on a stretcher.

Serious business! Still Jan Mulder on the Belgian channel says he found the cooling break the most spectacular moment of the first half. They show images of a Mexican supporter drinking a whole bottle of water at once, seemingly without even swallowing in between.

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The whole Dutch nation is in mourning! No Indian drinking a whole bottle of water this time. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar has just arrived on the field but he seems to be thirsty already.

Good memes this WC I guess! After these nerve-racking 90 minutes, it is time for the Dutchies to celebrate. For now. Football unites. And I admit: it makes me happy and proud as well, just like every other Dutchie.

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