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There is barely any seat that I would consider bad at the United Center, although some seats are bound to appeal to you more than others. This may help explain why there are always more options in the level when you're looking to buy. The only level not accessible to everyone is the Lexus Club level - you need to have a level seat to get on this level. But you can bounce around the entire arena otherwise and check out all the awesome food and souvenir kiosks, celebrity appearances, contests, events, displays etc. There's a lot going on in the United Center every single time you go.

Madison Square Garden seating chart

We get to watch one of the most action-packed sports on the planet. Our championship trophy has a legacy that cannot be replicated. The fans are some of the most dedicated around, and their commitment goes past the United States and Canada into Russia, Finland, Sweden and even Germany and Switzerland.

With so much to be proud of, why wouldn't you want to see as much of the hockey world as possible?

Experiences Every NHL Fan Should Have

The season is a little under two months away, and a new season is always a great time to have a new experience with our favorite teams. Here are some experiences every NHL fan should have. These are listed in no particular order, so just get ready to go with the unexpected and head into uncharted territory.

If you want to mention something I left out or weigh in with your own experiences, drop me a line in the comments. Watch a Game from the Glass Seats 1 of 22 In any sports venue, the front row seats are among the best seats you can have.

Your NHL on NBC TV schedule

Even when they go for thousands of dollars, fans will pay to see their favorite players up close. But no sport provides a front row seating experience quite like hockey. When you sit up against the glass, yes, the players will be right in front of you. But there's more to it.

You'll see and feel the bone-crushing hits, the pucks traveling at 90 miles an hour and you may even get first view of a game-winning goal. Other sports stadiums have the front row seats close but not close enough that you really get a feel for the game.


Hockey does have that, and you should take advantage of it at least one time. Sit in the Nosebleeds 2 of 22 I once was friends with someone who only wanted to sit in the lower level when she went to hockey games. As a veteran of many trips to the upper level at arenas big and small, I was disappointed about this.

My friend, I felt, was missing out on a great experience.

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The fans in the upper levels are generally there because they can't afford the prime seats in the lower level. They are some of the most dedicated fans in the building, and they are not afraid to chant loudly and mock opposing players and fans.

The seats may also be closer together, providing a more intimate game experience. Don't worry, you will still get a good view of the game. Some of the fans who like sitting in the upper level say they can better see developing plays, and depending on what arena you're in, it can even feel louder the higher you sit.

  • By Adam Gopnik April 20, What more is there to be said about the plague of violence in hockey this spring?
  • Elsevier Summary: A new study suggests that both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can have a substantial effect on the cardiovascular system. Investigators took the pulse of fans during a hockey game and found that on average, their heart rate increased by 75 percent when watching on TV, and by a whopping percent more than doubled, equivalent to the cardiac stress with vigorous exercise when watching in person.
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  • The view from section 1 for hockey at Barclays Center. In two years, the Islanders will call this arena home.
  • TV account settings. What devices are compatible with NHL.

Those who choose these seats still enjoy hockey games, and some even prefer it over the more comfortable lower level.

Enjoy a Game from a Luxury Box 3 of 22 Do you think luxury boxes are reserved for the swanky corporate types looking to close business deals or team owners? Think again.

ESPN+ Hits The Ice to Bring Fans Daily Hockey Programming

Yes, it is possible for us average hockey fans to enjoy a game from a luxury suite. It may take connections or just pure luck, but it can be done. The amenities we enjoyed included waitress service at our seats, larger and padded seats with more leg room and even private restrooms in the suites.

There were also concessions on the suite level only available to those with tickets in that area. And I am by no means loaded with money or have a ton of connections.

The Good Views and Bad Views About Barclays Center

A local tour company was running a bus trip and had secured the suite for the game at a reasonable price. If you can luck into getting a ticket for a luxury box, take advantage of it.

Enjoy the seat-side service and the comfortable seating. Sit in the seats outside the box or go inside for a bite to eat. Live the high life.

Everyone should at least once. Draw Attention to Yourself 4 of 22 While it's nice to just put on your favorite hockey jersey and comfortable jeans, head to a game and go home after it's over, a sporting event is about having a great time.

People do wacky things to get on the Jumbotron for five seconds or to even propel them to overnight fame. I can't guarantee you'll be as famous as the Vancouver Canucks green men, but I feel everyone should try to be a little silly at a game at least once. Go ahead. Paint your face and wear that crazy wig.

Dress up like a superhero. When the YMCA comes on, get out of your seat and start jumping around. For a playoff game, make the most outrageous Stanley Cup replica you can dream up.

Make a sign that is guaranteed to get the attention of the television cameras. I do ask that you do this tastefully and don't disturb other fans in your quest. But if you feel you can make people laugh and feel like showing off your wild side, then get crazy!

Here's how much it will cost you to attend Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final

Go to a Stanley Cup Playoff Game 5 of 22 Although we love our sport all year around, there's something that gets everyone wound up when the Stanley Cup Playoffs start in April of every year.

If your team was the No. Unlikely heroes emerge from the woodwork to get their team through to the next round. Players fight through serious injuries to be able to reach their dream of lifting the Stanley Cup. It is fun watching all of this unfold on your high-definition television, but if you can, get there in person.

There is nothing like being in an NHL arena at playoff time. Every game is high stakes, and the fans can feel it.

They step up their in-game antics to throw off their opponents as much as possible.

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